This is the first lighthouse installed in eastern coast of India. It is around 45 KM from District HQ. It is situated in a village named Batighar, on the other bank of river Kharinasi. It is surrounded with pleasant natural beauty. Once upon a time, this was known as Kaudia Dwip and used as hunting ground of Kujanga Kings. Construction of this lighthouse was started on 6th December, 1836 and it was lighted on 16th October 1837.

The stones used were transported from Barabati Fort, Cuttack. The height is 125 feet, foundation wall is 15 feet thick. The diameter at land level is 10 feet. To reach the top, 138 steps made of cement concrete and a 16-step ladder are there. The speciality of this lighthouse is that it is operational from the date of its lighting and presently it is managed by Calcutta Light House.

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